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Caviar, which is also called the "Golden Pearl", was one of the most expensive natural food products in the world and has always been considered the most exclusive of all foods. It is composed of  unfertilized sturgeon eggs. Today, these ...are produced worldwide


The history of saffron:

The cultivation and use of saffron in Iran date back to 3000 years ago.

The key cropping areas of saffron:

With its 75000 hectares of saffron fields, Iran covers about 90 to 93 per cent of the world’s 500 tons of saffron produced annually.


Crocine is the natural carotenoid responsible for the colour of saffron.

The botany and composition of saffron:

In scientific terminology, saffron is referred to as crocus sativus from Iridaceae species

who we are?


The company Gharaee & Persian Tradition was founded by the brothers Gharaee Nader and Gharaee Nasser under the company Oil and More bvba, which they acquired in 2010.The borthers Gharaee are perfectly trilingual and know the Belgian and European markets very well. Gharaee & Persian Tradition currently imports caviar and Persian Saffron, but they are going to import other luxury products with the best value for money. The Gharaee brothers, great lovers of caviar and saffron and passionate about the internet, take on a great challenge: Their mission is to market different types of caviar of the highest quality that are affordable for everyone. Because they offer fair prices, and because caviar is no longer an impossible dream, Gharaee & Persian Tradition make it possible for a new generation of customers to obtain these special products. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality standards when producing our exclusive range of caviar and saffron. What we are planning is simple: to deliver our top products in the European Union at a correct price with the best quality within the shortest time frame. The brothers are available for all your questions and will personally follow up all orders. Hopefully, we can be of service to you soon.

Gharaee Nader