Orders : (Pass orders before 15:55)
Monday: 8h – 16h
Tuesday: 8h – 16h
Wednesday: 8h – 16h
Thursday: 8h – 16h
Friday : 8h – 16h
Saturday: 8h – 16h
Sunday : 8h – 16h

For the delivery to run smoothly and correctly, we ask our customers to order on time. It may take a certain amount of time, depending on the opening hours, and the number of orders. The delivery cost is €19.99, regardless of the weight of the package.
The products are packed immediately after the order in cold accumulators of eutectic gel so that the shipment is delivered at the right temperature. Our carrier collects orders daily, from Monday to Friday, around 4 pm. As their drivers are on the road until 8 pm the carrier guarantees delivery within 24 or 48 hours, depending on the country and the postal number of the addressee. You also have your order delivered to another address (merchant, friend, family…) or pick it up yourself every day (except Tuesday) at the following address: Rue des Saules 62, 1380 Lasne, Belgium.